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To celebrate our 10th anniversary we had an idea: what if, instead of searching for other stories and people, we return to those we have already got to know in the past?

We present MEMORANDUM, a journey in our archive and in our country, a journal of images and texts, trying to measure the passing of time, through the lives of those who we have met.

Nine people, nine stories linked to some of the events that have characterized the recent past of our country. Their lives and their impact is recounted with a text with our views on photography, on time, of our relationship with those who we meet during our travels.
A collective dedication and passion for a slow way to do photography.

The publication includes photos, text and captions, both in Italian and English

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Photographs and texts: TerraProject
Graphic design: Discipula

Self published, 2016
First edition of 500 copies
34x25 cm (13x10 in)
Fedrigoni GSK paper for the envelope
Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum and Sirio Pearl papers for the magazine and insert
Italian and English language
Offset printing at Rotostampa, Rome

ISBN: 978-88-909573-2-1