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Introducing 4, a long-term collective project now available as a book and an exhibition. This self-published book is divided into 4 volumes, each containing a selection of images taken by TerraProject, and an accompanying story written by Wu Ming 2, member of the renowned collective of Italian writers, Wu Ming. The book is curated by Renata Ferri, while the concept and art direction are by Ramon Pez. The 4 volumes present an interpretation of the Italian landscape utilizing the symbology offered by the 4 classical elements. The chapter Water documents the alarming anthropization of the 7000 kilometers of coast of the country. Land revisits the long term scars left by 5 of the main earthquakes of the last 40 years. The chapter Air chronicles the most polluted industrial towns of Italy. And the final chapter Fire focuses on the four active volcanos present in the country, a unique environment of fragile coexistence between humans and nature.
The book, in Italian language, has been produced after a succesfull crowd-funding campaign on the platform Produzioni dal Basso.

First edition, 1000 copies
13 x 23,5 cm (5 x9,25 in)
Cardboard box with screen printing
4 volumes each with 60 pages
Italian language
Offset printing